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The world's only golf shafts capable of both generating and actuating kinetic energy.

 Golf-club shafts that can fit any golfers swing, increase ball velocity, carry distance and reduce dispersion! Notably flexible in the hands, precisely tailored to increase in frequency the greater the force applied! The confluence of craftsmanship and materials. 



The Most Advanced Shafts Available

KINETIXx®  IMRT loaded shaft technologies are the world's only golf club shafts that combine wound and rolled construction methods with a vacuum curing process, making PADERSON KINETIXx® loaded shafts the most advanced, multi-structure, multi-material, precision tailored high performance composite shafts in the world.   

KINETIXx® IMRT = The World's ONLY Visible fiber structural performance technology! 

Our methods of manufacturing enable us to pre-load our fibers to a preordained tension, according to flex. Our extraordinary multi-process construction methods allow for use of materials that present unlimited combinations of torque, flexibility, weight, and balance, enabling us to fit every golfers swing

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Advanced Global Leaders

Established in 1988, PADERSON today is a global entity, with annual production capacity greater than 3 million shafts from our wholly owned, state of the art manufacturing facility, located in Taichung, Taiwan. PADERSON is an organic composite technology company, with a loaded cache' of shaft and whole golf club IP, heavily instrumented R&D in the USA and Taiwan, along with having its Worldwide OEM and Aftermarket Sales, Marketing and Distribution headquarters located in San Clemente, California. PADERSON remains one of the larger ODM/OEM composite golf shaft manufacturers in the world. PADERSON is the industry leading foremost expert in continuous fiber filament winding, multi-process, multi-structure, multi-material shaft manufacturing.
A composite company to the core, PADERSON is one of the few shaft manufacturers to produce a significant portion of its finished products with advanced high strength raw materials, structural fabrics and prepreg composites of varied modulus, developed and manufactured internally.
PADERSON has also established the PADERSON FRP Composites Division, offering qualified manufacturers, an array of resin adjustable lower modulus, high quality, Fibre-reinforced polymer Composite materials, in high volume.